Don't buy another bike, just utilize the bike you already have, upgrade it and start carrying. The TReGo Trolley has all the benefits of traditional Cargo Bikes, but is more practical:

  • smaller 
  • more versatile
  • added theft security
  • more fun
  • costs less

when riding in a city alongside cars, pedestrians and other bikes you want to be as short and agile as possible and you certainly want to have an eye contact with what you are carrying especially if it's your kid.

TReGo has undergone extensive tests in the lab and on different types of terrains. We set the highest safety standards for ourselves and guarantee TReGo will live up to them. Our Trolley will be certified in the US and the European Union and abide by all safety standards.


1. The bike (after disconnecting TReGo)

  • No one will steal a locked bike that doesn't have a front wheel! Well, at least they can't drive away with it.

2. FAST-Connector

  • Locking skewers and a special screwdriver are provided so only you can take it off when necessary

3. The TReGo Trolley

  • Thanks to the Coupler Latch Lock, you can lock the trolley to your bike for a theft proof connection

TReGo connects to just about any bike either to the front instead of the front wheel or to the rear as a towing cart. TReGo can be disconnected from the bike in seconds and be used as a stand alone trolley where bikes can not go.

  • Folds easily into a compact size 
  • Small enough to be stored at home 
  • Even when fully loaded, your bike dimensions don't change much

 Do you have room to store a big cargo bike? We don't, that why we invented TReGo.