Where are we today?

As the world becomes urbanized, oil prices rise and climate change starts taking its toll on our environment, It is time for smart urban solutions.

The use of cars in cities is known to be a crucial problem- traffic jams, noise and air pollution, accidents, space consumption. The consequences for the environment and the inhabitants are immense.  That is why more and more developed cities close their gates to cars encouraging environmental friendly transportation means.


Our mission

We believe new products must have a holistic approach, taking different sustainable aspects into account. We should focus on optimizing environmental production and usage costs. We must consider behavioral education, along with ensuring space and cost effectiveness.

We are promoting an active lifestyle and want you to ride YOUR bike more often. TReGo was invented out of frustration of wanting to ride a bike but needing a car to transport heavy items. Our goal was to design a product that would upgrade the bike you already own and make your riding experience so enjoyably that you don't want or have to use your car.

Our aim with TReGo is to create a wide solution for urban commuters. We have an innovation that answers the challenge of carrying goods with and without the bike, is compatible with existing bikes and is small enough to be stored in-house. We believe only a broad solution can be a real alternative for cars in cities.

Now we have the practical solution that will redefine the way you will use YOUR bike. No need to own a big & expensive cargo-bike, just upgrade YOUR bike and carry whatever you want.