Ofir Yadan:

Ofir is an industrial designer, graduated from Bezalel Academy, where the idea of TreGo was born.  Since his graduation Ofir worked in a design studio and kept on developing the TreGo project until he decided to dedicate all of his time to make sure TreGo will be available for riders all over the globe.

Ofir is an avid cyclist who believes cycling is the optimum solution for short travels in the city.


Email: ofir.y@tregobikes.com


Rafael Yahlomi:

‘Rafa’ is an entrepreneur who believes in social and environmental projects. Rafa and Ofir are friends for many years and this is how Rafa was introduced to “TReGo” and joined-in as Co-founder and chief of financial operation.

Email: rafael@yahlomi.com

Zak Friedrich Wesche:

Marketing superman, 16 years International Sporting Goods Experience

“True innovations are complex in the making, but easy to understand and use.”

Email:  zak.w@tregobikes.com