TReGo with your bike

When connected, TReGo upgrades your bike. Now for the first time, you can add the feature of transportation to your bike. Its an easy hook-up and a practical way to carry heavy things around. It even provides greater stability.
Using TReGo as a means to transport has great benefits:

  • Carry large items with the ease of your bike
  • Rider has constant eye-contact with the carrying load in front of her/him
  • It's a fun ride, have you ever carved down the streets with your bike?
  • Different add-ons enable you to use the trolley for different purposes
    • Grocery shopping, boxes, child seat, etc.
  • Increased bike theft security
  • No tools needs, no messy hands



TreGo vs Towing Cart:


Towing TReGo

TReGo is truly multi functional and is not limited to being connected to the front of your bike. We developed a special aluminum box that attaches to the trolley. The cart easy hooks up to the rear wheel of the bicycle.

This allows you to transport heavier loads up to 40 kg / 88 lbs on different terrains with greater ease and comfort.