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TReGo, an high-tech trolley, transferring any bicycles into carving cargo bikes.





Since we are replacing the front wheel of the bike with the Fast Connector, the front wheel brake will also be disabled. To ensure the highest security, TReGo is equipped with 2 hydraulic disk brakes. TReGo's brake lever can easily be transferred between the the bike's handlebar and the trolley's in seconds.


Bicycle fitting:

TReGo is compatible to just about any adult bike. As long as they have a standard fork (forks with and without suspensions), made of steel or aluminum and have a standard dropouts. TReGo fits bikes with all kinds of brakes.

TReGo will NOT fit:

  • Forks made of Carbon fiber
  • Lefty forks (forks with only one blade)
  • Bicycles with small wheels (less then 26'' or ISO-559 mm)
  • Forks with through axle (if you don't know what it is you don't have it)
  • Fat bikes(forks with hub-spacing of more then 100 mm)

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Front hub spacing (front fork spacing):

Our FAST-Connector is designed to fit the majority of forks. Our product fits forks with hub spacing of 96-100 mm with standard dropouts.