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TReGo, an high-tech trolley, transferring any bicycles into carving cargo bikes.




The revolution lies in the TReGo's multi functionality, because it is the only trolley that can be attached to a bike. To just about any adult bike. Your bike, in seconds! It's really that simple.

Fast Connector:

The FAST-Connector was developed with practicability in mind. We wanted a mechanism that will eliminate the need for tools when attaching or detaching the TReGo Trolley to a bike. Plus we wanted a connector that would enable just about any adult bike (26in or larger) to be hooked up to TReGo.

Now for the first time, there is a practical and cost efficient solution to solve your transportation challenges.

The FAST-Connector itself has two functions:   

  1. Enables you to hook up the TReGo Trolley to just about any adult bike in seconds. A simple hand movement connects the trolley, not much force is needed, a task easy enough for a child to complete.

  2. Functions as a stand for the bike. This enables the bike to stand on its own, when TReGo is not connected and in use. It's also a practicable way to protect the fork from damage.



Added Theft Security

With-out the trolley/front wheel the bike is more theft proof and less attractive to steal (how does anyone drive away with one wheel?).   

The FAST-Connector is securely locked to the fork of your bike, to prevent it from being stolen itself. A special screwdriver is provided so that it can only be dis- & reconnected by you.

Initial set-up

There is a onetime set-up necessary to use the TReGo Trolley with your bike and it is easy:

Simply remove the front wheel of your bike and screw the FAST-Connector to the fork. Now you are ready to hook up the TReGo Trolley to upgrade your bike.